Drain Doctor Plumbing and Drain - Drain Cleaning Price List

Main Sewer Drain. 3" or 4" pipe to street or septic 100 feet or less.
From ground access- $225.
From toilet flange, pull toilet and reset or from roof vent- $275.
Kitchen, Laundry, Lavatory Drain. 2" pipe to Main up to 80 feet.
From ground access- $195
From under sink access, remove pipes or from roof vent- $225.
Tub or Shower Drain.- $195.
Toilet Snaked for stoppage up to 6 feet- $155.
Toilet Pulled to remove object and reset- $245.
4" or 3" Floor Drains, up to 25 feet- $225.
Urinals. Wall-hung Type, remove, clean drain & reset- $305.
Floor Type- $225.

-Prices subject to change without notice-

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Drain Doctor Plumbing and Drain - Plumbing Price List

Install Lavatory Faucet & Pop-Up- $205. plus parts
Rebuild Lavatory Faucet-Seats & Washers- $185. plus parts
Rebuild Lavatory Faucet-Cartridge Type- $170. plus parts
Install Tub & Shower Valve- $325. plus parts
Rebuild Tub & Shower Valve-Seats & Washers- $185. plus parts
Rebuild Tub & Shower Valve-Cartridge Type- $170. plus parts
Install Toilet- $250. plus parts
Toilet Tank-Replace Ballcock & Flapper- $155. plus parts
Toilet Tank-Total Rebuild including flush valve and tank bolts & gasket replacement- $225. plus parts
Install Kitchen Sink Faucet- $205. plus parts
Rebuild Kitchen Sink Faucet- $185. plus parts
Replace Garbage Disposer- $195. plus parts
​Un-jam Garbage Disposer- $125.
Electric Water Heater-Major Rebuild- $225. plus parts
Electric Water Heater-Replace standard access- $425. plus parts - If Customer supplies water heater minus $45.
Replace Sump Pump- $425. plus parts
Video Camera Drain, 1-1/2" to 6" from clean out access- $245. to $325.
Pipe Leak- In Wall- $255. plus parts
Pipe Leak- In Craw Space- $285. plus parts
Pipe Leak- In Ceiling- $325 plus parts
Pipe Leak- In Cement Slab- $950. plus parts - Leak Locating Extra, if needed.
Pipe Leak- In Ground- $280. to $350. plus parts

All Prices are Plus Parts.

Other Item Prices available upon request
Service Area - Orange, Seminole, Lake and Sumter Counties

Commercial Contract Per-hour Pricing
Trip Charge: $75.00 up to one hour travel. Out of Service Area travel charge available by City. ie: Tampa and Jacksonville $300. which includes to and from travel time.
Labor Hourly Charge: $125.00 8:am to 5:pm Monday thru Friday
After Hours Hourly Charge: $187.50 Trip Charge: $112.50 5:pm to 8:am Monday thru Friday 8:am to 5:pm Saturday
Holiday Hourly Charge: $250.00 Trip Charge: $150.00 8:am to 5:pm Holidays and Sunday
Drain Cleaning Machine Usage Charge: $75.00
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E-Mail to "Service@DrainDoctorPlumbingAndDrain.com"